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9 Team Core
To download this map while playing Bitfighter, type:
/dlmap arctic_zombies_survival



How this map works: Basically, this is bitmatch disguised as core. There are 9 teams - 1 zombies team, and 8 human "teams" (each human is really on their own). Each human has one life only; their goal is to survive. If they die (for any reason), they are soon switched to the zombies team. The zombies have infinite lives. Their goal is to kill all human players. If all humans have been killed, the zombies effectively win. For the humans, the goal is to be the last human standing; alternatively, if a human player survives until near the end of the game and blows up the zombie cores, they've discovered the cure for the zombies and effectively win.
Santiago ZAP
one of the most innovative and well executed concepts for a zombie map, props to the anxiety this map creates