Welcome to Bitfighter!

Bitfighter -- the fast-paced team-based outer-space multi-player arcade game. Blast your friends, zap your enemies. Steal their flags and nuke their cores. Customize your ship to be sneaky, or overwhelm with superior firepower. It's fast, fun, and frenetic.

Bitfighter is free. Period.

Bitfighter runs on Windows, Linux, and OS X, and has a lively community and an active development team.

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Bitfighter 019e Released!

019e is here! This version fixes a number of bugs, and improves performance.

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Full list of changes

Bitfighter 019d Released!

Happy New Year! To celebrate, we've released another update to the 019 series. We've fixed several bugs, added an inline Lua compiler (which will make levelgens and game scripts much faster), and smoothed out a couple of other minor issues.

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Full change log

Bitfighter 019c Released!

We've released another bugfix update to the 019 series. This version fixes a few Lua-related bugs, adds a vertex-edit mode to the editor, and adds a new editor plugin.

Bitfighter 019b Released!

We've just released a minor update to the 019 series. This version fixes a few bugs and enhances the Editor plugin system.

Bitfighter 019a Released!

It's here! New badges, integration with gaming site GameJolt, simplified bot management, and highlighting of local servers are all included.

Editor key bindings can now be assigned in the INI, the team definition menu now has an interactive color picker, and you can enter colors using either RGB or HTML hex notation.

Finally, Pleiades (our online level database) has been upgraded -- it now handles larger levels and shows better screenshots. Upload your levels and start rating as you play!

Game Jolt integration complete!

If you use Game Jolt, you can now integrate your account with Bitfighter.

See this forum posting for details.

Bitfighter 019 released!

After many months of hard work, we present Bitfighter 019! Download it.

There are many, many changes and bugfixes. See the (mostly) complete changelog on the download page.

Bitfighter videos on YouTube

Check out the new Bitfighter channel on YouTube! These show come great game play, and give a real sense for how Bitfighter works with several players. Watch now!

Mailing list

Bitfighter now has an announcements mailing list. Sign up on the contact page.