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Bitfighter 019e

Platform Download
Windows Windows 32-bit Installer
64-bit Installer (experimental)
Portable Archive (unzip and play)
OSX OSX Intel 64 bit (OSX 10.6+)
Legacy (OSX 10.4+)
Intel 32 bit
PowerPC 32 bit
Linux Linux Standalone x86/x86_64 (experimental; GLIBC 2.7)
Source Archive

Linux Packages

Bitfighter is built by the following 3rd-party packagers (they may not have the latest version).

Arch Linux
Debian (unofficial)

If you want to build Bitfighter for a different platform, building information can be found in the wiki.

Other Downloads

Classic Level Map Pack. Good old levels from Zap!

019e changes

This is a minor bugfix release.

General Fixes

  • Host-on-server shutdown disconnects all players now
  • Several game and UI crashes
  • More/Fewer Bots now respect all server limits
  • Team switch delay is disabled if you're the only one left on the server
  • Server permission fixes
  • Don't kick busy/chatting players so fast if multiple levels are cycled
  • Commander's map doesn't flicker if you hold down the key

Editor Fixes

  • Fix several vertex rendering issues
  • Fix some crashes
  • Fix for walls disappearing with 0-point barriers
  • Moving multiple vertexes behaves better
  • Prevent ID duplication in the editor with copy/paste
  • Prevent level upload if you haven't saved it
  • Changed level filename is now saved while switching gametypes


  • Voting time can be set to unlimited
  • Performance improvements
  • Build system improvements
  • Better debian compatibility
  • Vsync enable/disable in the INI
  • Minor instruction updates

Source Code

All project source and relevant support files can be found on the project's github page.